Garden furniture

We produce the garden furniture of robust Bavarian style with high durability. It is a folding steel structure. The surface finishing is done either by galvanizing or galvanizing + powder varnishing (basic colours: dark green and anthracite). The wood parts from the beech laths have the surface impregnation. The finishing is done by three layers of water resistant glazing paint against the UV radiation.

kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-1 kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-2 kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-3 kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-4
kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-5 kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-6 kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-7 kovovyroba-zahradni-nabytek-8

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